Who doesn’t love dessert and a good pint?

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

During their drunken stupor, the *Monkeys thought: “Why not combine dessert and beer, into one thing?” Hence, a dessert line was brewed to surprise dessert lovers, providing a new way to enjoy both at the same time . That’s how the rich, vanilla flavoured wheat wine, “Don’s Fruit Cake” was born.

Don's Fruit Cake

According to guidelines for beer, this style has to contain 50% wheat malt, and has to have an ABV of at least 8%, even up to 12%. This means that we had to use an extreme amount of malt. Besides all the issues that could happen during brewing, stuck sparge is one of the worst nightmares a brewer can have. The two things combined makes this beer extremely hard to brew.

Due to the difficulty of brewing, and the high alcohol percentage, this beer is extremely rare in Asia.

Our brewery is among one of the first to successfully release this style into the market. Using synthetic vanilla flavourings would reduce the cost, however, we do not do that! We believe that always using the freshest ingredients gives the best flavour profile.

Therefore, only the freshest, meatiest vanilla pods are chosen to be used in the brewing process, making it the most savoury and unique.

When the Monkeys were still brewing as homebrewers, the beer was sent to the American Homebrew Competition and won an award. The beer was introduced into the market after the brewery was officially opened.


* The Monkeys are referring to “the brewers”

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